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Continue the Journey

Was TJJ a life-changing experience for you? Did it make you reconsider who you are and what you want in your life? TJJ Ambassadors Poland is the next step in that transformation. On TJJ AP you will take what you gained from NCSY Summer and learn how to incorporate these changes into your life in a tangible and permanent way.


Staff from TJJ

Part of what makes NCSY Summer so memorable comes from the special relationships you develop with your advisors. On TJJ AP, those connections deepen as some of the same advisors that made your experience so special return to take you to Poland and Israel.

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Teens are co-creators of the program

Participants on TJJ AP are not satisfied as passive participants. If you’re on TJJ AP, you’re signing up to be the co-creator of the experience for you and for your fellow explorers. On TJJ AP, you will be part of the creative process — from deciding what topics to learn to giving lectures to your peers. Your experience on TJJ AP will have a long-lasting effect on who you are because you made it happen.


Change the way you view the past

Tour the Warsaw Ghetto and visit the partisan camps in the forests. Discover how the Jews were part of the fight against the Nazi war machine and how even the smallest act was a brave act of rebellion against totalitarianism.

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Change the way you see your future

The trip culminates in a visit to the Jewish homeland, but with your newfound knowledge of the past and a newly designed touring program, Israel will seem a different place. Explore the complex history of the Jewish homeland as you learn how to integrate all of your experiences into your Jewish identity.