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TJJ AP Policies

Initial Requirements

Acceptance to TJJ AP is contingent upon a successful phone interview and receipt of two (2) letters of recommendation, the essay and the Health Survey form (questionnaire for the legal guardian). Click here to request your recommendation letters. All other necessary forms can be found in the Forms Dashboard of your Camp Intouch account. Click here to login to your account.


All applicants for TJJ AP will be contacted for a phone interview by the director of the program, Marc Fein. The first round of acceptances will be communicated via email in the first week of January.


Once you have been accepted to TJJ AP, you will have two weeks to make an acceptance deposit of $1,000 USD. BY making this deposit, you are reserving your spot on the TJJ AP program. If you do not make this deposit after two weeks, we reserve the right to waitlist your application.